A Grade II* listed building with the oldest recorded section of the property built in the 1500’s. The total floor layout totalled 8,800 square feet and the internal walls measured 1.6 metres and were made from solid Tudor bricks. The owners of the property had little to no internet connectivity throughout the property making working difficult. Due to the solid construction it was impossible to move around when making calls on a mobile or Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) phone as the signal would be lost and calls would be dropped.

High Net Worth Individual

Country House in theEnglish county of Somerset

To install a phone system that would allow the owners unrestricted movement throughout the three stories of the property without losing any signal.

  • Design a wiring and cabling system which was not visible to the naked eye.
  • Hide all internal devices so they were not visible in the rooms.
  • No alterations to the structure that requires intervention from English Heritage.
  • Ensure 100% phone signal coverage across three stories and 8,800 square feet.

The existing DECT phone system could not work due to the wall thickness in the property. Any new phone system would need to be 100% VOIP only. This would require an extension of the existing WiFi network throughout the property giving 100% coverage across 8,800 square feet.

  • Competition against a national infrastructure provider.
  • Design an invisible non-intrusive cabling network.
  • Ensure phone signal coverage across a huge area with 1.6m solid brick walls.
  • All work to be consistent with Grade II* listed property.
  • Project was to be completed in less than 2 weeks from initial site survey.
  • Ensure system was 100% available with 100% coverage.
  • Meticulous planning
  • Commitment to finding a solution
  • Detailed electrical and cabling diagrams prepared
  • 1 .6m thick brick walls
  • 8,800 square feet
  • Three stories

Completed in 6 days

Project work was 10% less expensive than national infrastructure provider

Phone solution was 5% less expensive than national telecoms provider.

100% phone coverage throughout the property

Client was able to keep existing phone number

Phone system allows client to answer, transfer and route calls to other locations in the property or to other landline or mobile numbers.


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