COVID safe buildings and homes

Mask Detection

Visitor and tradesperson access control detects temperature and absence of mask.

Thermal Camera

Measure the temperature of those approaching and if they are complying with government guidelines and wearing a mask.

Temperature self check

Regular temperature checking throughout the day will ensure risks are controlled for those in your buildings.

Hand Sanitiser dispensers

Contact free motion sensitive hand sanitiser dispensers.

No contact door handle

Allows you to open doors without touching handles reducing the spread of COVID.

Parcel management

Available in different sizes this solution allows you to keep mail and parcels quarantined to prevent the spread of COVID.

COVID secure room and desk management

Keep your employees safe by implementing COVID secure space management.


Whether residential, commercial or public sector receive tailored real time reports and alerts on COVID safe status.

Non Contact Access Management

Contact free and hands free access management and controls using phone or tablet.

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