Technology makes it easier for businesses to develop and compete – nearly half of all global CEOs are digitally transforming their business to grow it. But at the same time cybercriminals are working just as hard as you do – but they have a different end-game in mind: your money, your data.

Cyber security training for as little as £5 / month Altus Digital
Your business risk increases 300% if employees are not trained

What is Cyber security training?

We will assess your current cyber security policies

Analyse your employee awareness

Develop an online, remote or in house training programme

Provide you with a report each day on the performance of your teams

Remote working is here to stay

Don’t let remote working increase your business risk

32% of all successful access to corporate networks came through phishing attacks

40% of employees fail to spot phishing attacks

90% of all successful phishing attacks had found their way through secure email gateways

50% of these attacks were caused by human error and inadequate employee training

What is included

  • Set your online security objectives
  • Choose the best programme
  • Develop learning path
  • Report on individual performance
  • Provide dashboards
  • Individual prompts
  • Progress reports


£5 / Per Month*

AI enabled learning path

Fully automated learning management – no human involvement

Automated learning journey and performance dashbaords

*Pricing based on a minimum of 25 employees. Individual pricing and volume pricing is available upon request