You don’t need a landline anymore! Just a good WiFi connection!

Landlines as you know them will be obsolete in four years, get ahead of the game with VOIP

VOIP infrastructure is hosted by ALTUS in a secure data centre. Getting started is quick and straightforward; simply sign up online and choose your desired telephone number(s) from any area code, or port any existing numbers you wish to keep.

Thereafter, your entire service is easily setup, configured and managed in your secure online dashboard where you can change number routing and phone configuration, access and manage voicemail, set up features and much more.

VOIP Telephony Altus Digital

Never Miss A Call

VOIP Telephony Altus Digital

Services Include:

  • Inclusive landline and mobile calls
  • Voicemail to email
  • Landline-mobile simultaneous ring
  • Multiple other features
  • One low monthly price
  • Easily Scalable
  • Manage your calls online

Services Exclude:

  • Disposal of old telephony systems

Can be supplied at an additional cost

Don’t have a good WiFi connection?